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August 2021

Project Update – August’s progress has been minimal because there is more homework I need to focus on. The fins for “AltusAer” have been designed and manufactured in 3mm plywood (Fig 1). SAFAC’s layout is finished and will be sent for manufacturing, pending a review (Fig 2). A CubeSat POC (Proof-Of-Concept) is in the works, this CubeSat's intent is to be a technology demonstrator for my projects as well as a medium to help me understand advanced concepts.

Fig 1 – 3mm plywood fin

Fig 2 – SAFAC (Second Attempt at Flight Aviation Computer)

Fig 3 – CubeSat POC rough diagram

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November 2022

Project Update - Accomplishments in November 2022 No progress was made in November. The only progress I made this month was documenting my work on TFAC a little better by, writing a white paper detail


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