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September 2022

Project Update - Accomplishments in September 2022

I started September by putting together all the 3D printed parts for TFAC’s avionics stack. I did break some of the parts while putting the stack together. Looking back at it, my design is actually fundamentally flawed and I’ll be designing and putting together a better, more structurally sound and better looking (look at the mess of wires in fig 1, fig 2) avionics stack after I’m done with the flight software. I experimented with the LoRa telemetry radio by writing some code to try sending multiple data packets a couple milliseconds apart, but didn’t get the results I wanted.

Finally I began work on writing a Ground Control Software for TFAC, I wrote it in Python with PyQt5. I’m done with the actual UI (fig 2, 3) and I’ll be writing the code to display data from the flight computer next month.

(fig 3 - TFAC GCS UI)

 (fig 1 - Avionics stack, wired up)                          (fig 2 - Avionics stack)

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