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February 2022

Project Update - Accomplishments in February 2022

I made a decent amount of progress in February. Firstly I wrote most of TFAC’s software, I only need to write a couple small changes before TFAC can fly on a rocket as passive payload. I did a lot of testing to make sure that the flight software and the state machine was working well. I also found a supplier who are willing to make custom sized Fiberglass tubes for the airframe of AltusAer. And finally I made did a lot of fiddling around in CAD making some of the internal parts like bulkheads, the chute ejection system and mounting brackets for the Flight Computer

Project Update - Goals for March 2022

In March I don’t think that I will be making any significant progress because of my final exams and my school year coming to an end. However I intend on finishing the flight software and building AltusAer along with working on the video I want to make on it.

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November 2022

Project Update - Accomplishments in November 2022 No progress was made in November. The only progress I made this month was documenting my work on TFAC a little better by, writing a white paper detail


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