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December 2021

Project Update - Accomplishments in December 2021

Not much progress was made this month mainly because of preparation of my school exams which are scheduled for January 2022. I assembled another TFAC flight computer, but I found out that the GPS radio chip doesn’t work. A pin on the GPS chip is supposed to pick what communication protocol based on whether it is pulled low or high. I pulled it low when it was supposed to be pulled high so the chip could not actually communicate with the microcontroller. In December I also wrote my Kalman Filter but it has some issues which I have yet to uncover but I understand the math a lot better now (but not completely)!

The two TFAC flight computers

Project Update - Goals for December 2021

In January I intend to finish my Kalman Filter and finish more of the Flight Software. I do not have a lot planned for January because of my mid-term exams that I mentioned earlier.

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November 2022

Project Update - Accomplishments in November 2022 No progress was made in November. The only progress I made this month was documenting my work on TFAC a little better by, writing a white paper detail


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